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The business complex, with a hotel and a bank on Georgiy Kirpа str. (the opposite a southernrailway station), Kyiv

All previous projects on this workplace required a one-time large investment. At this stage the customer wanted a project that could build in stages, that is breaking in the queue. This is dictated by the current situation of the investment market. On the basis of these tasks, was created this pre-project proposal. The office complex consists of relatively small free-standing buildings. It also has a bank as a separate building and the 3-star hotel of 180 rooms. Along the axis of the main entrance standing in front of the South railway station is designed high-rise (23 floors) office dominance. The first floor of the stylobate has covered parking. The style of complex is simple and laconic, is assumed to be a quick and technological process of erecting monolithic frame and facing mounted ventilated facades.

  • Date : May 25, 2014
  • Location : Kyiv